Stephen Ray Photography


I created this brochure using Adobe InDesign CC. I made a brochure for my friend, Stephen Ray's photography business. Stephen is currently a junior, majoring in finance at Auburn University. Stephen Ray is so much more than a finance major. Rather, he is a guy who loves Jesus, people, and adventure. Another thing he loves is getting to capture moments of life with his camera, and by capturing these moments, he is in essence fulfilling every one of those passions that drive his life. He has a hunger to get closer to the One who has given him the opportunities of his life, the one who has made this all possible. He wants to look back on his life and know that he lived his life to the fullest without holding back and serving Jesus all the way. What better way could he do this than through the lens of his camera? This brochure gives detailed information about Stephen and his photos. When opening the brochure, the viewer will see some pictures Stephen has captured on a five-week trip this past summer. On this trip, he travelled to places that were unknown to him. He slept under the stars, and he was given the chance to photograph the natural beauty of our country. In addition to the nature and landscapes, he was also able to snap candid pictures of his friends, who accompanied him on his cross-country trip in a very realistic yet casual manner. Moreover, this brochure also showcases his talent in portrait photography with stills taken with the utmost planning and care. He also has captured fashion with a natural flair. In the brochure, you will find his pricing on portrait photography, fashion photography and travel photography. The format is a traditional trifold brochure. I hope you enjoy my brochure!

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cover of brochure