My inspiration for my animated GIF comes from two passions of mine: my love for uplifting words and gentle reminders and my love for calligraphy. My friends and I do Saturday morning quiet time together when life slows down and allows us to. We go to our favorite local coffee shop in Auburn, Ross House, and sit at our table by the window that lets the morning sunlight come through warming each of our spirits. We open up our journals and Bible and allow the Lord to guide our time, catching up and talking about Him. One of my best friends Sophie Zavaleta, shares the passion of calligraphy as well. Sophie writes "In His Time," which are the words my friends choose to stand on and live from. These words are a sweet reminder that "In His Time," everything will happen and fall into place for each of us. "In His Time," everything will all make sense to us. "In His Time," the things that are meant to happen will happen, and those things will happen when He deems it best and appropriate. "In His Time," he has made everything perfect and beautiful. But the even more beautiful thing is our human heart will never be able to comprehend His timing. I created this animated GIF using Adobe Photoshop CC. I first shot the video with my iPhone 6 plus, directing the movements of the subjects. Using Adobe Photoshop, I edited the video and broke the video down into layers into an animated GIF. After I broke the video down into layers, I selected the speed of the GIF to 0.1 seconds. I then selected the GIF where I specified the design, crop, aesthetic and time lapse of the GIF. I hope you enjoy my GIF!