How Coffee Makes The Work Place Go Round


I created this infographic using Canva, a graphic template website. I began with a blank template, and then I added pictures and text. I also manipulated the colors, fonts, transparency and styles of the content to enhance the topic that I chose. For my infographic, I chose the topic of coffee. There is no sweeter smell than freshly brewed coffee. A person’s nose instantly perks ups at the slightest smell of this hot brew. Since college, I have become quite an avid coffee drinker. Perhaps, I have grown to love this hot drink because I use the caffeine to get me through my crazy days and hectic schedule. More specifically, I did the topic of "How Coffee Makes The Work Place Go Round." In my infographic, you will find what coffee lovers (or some may say addicts) have shared concerning coffee drinking in the work place. For example, you will find out the approximate number of cups workers drink throughout the day and how they perceive that coffee helps with their productivity and how they have more positivity when drinking coffee. You will find a variety of useful information about how coffee helps in workers’ morale. Coffee drinking keeps people alert. The overall of the infographic is the benefits of coffee at work as well as how drinking coffee improves communication through the relieving of stress, increasing idea exchanges, bringing colleagues together, and many more. The infographic also gives information on how coffee in the work place improves better behavior by helping with sleep deprivation. Lastly, the infographic gives information on how coffee in the work place improves health. In the work place, coffee consumptions have eased the aches and pains in necks, wrists, lower backs, and more. With this insightful information, perhaps you will possibly learn something new in "How Coffee Makes The Work Place Go Round."

View a PDF version of the infographic here.

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