My Magazine

I created ABUNDANT as a collection of my writing for features I wrote from Auburn Family as part of a university course. I used Adobe InDesign to develop the magazine. I personally customized the visual aesthetic, color schemes and text schemes. I conducted interviews, researched and spent time carefully selecting each written word. I hope you find it inspirational, fulfilling, and worthwhile. I hope ABUNDANT leaves you feeling grateful, empowered, and with a new perspective on things in life. The title of my magazine, ABUNDANT, is defined as an adjective that means existing or available in large quantities, plentiful. In this season, I am learning to be grateful, bountiful, and to overflow, even when my human flesh tells me to think and be otherwise. God is the one and only who can give as well as take away. I have experienced both in the short time span of four years. On October 14, 2014, my life changed forever from the death of my sister. A year after her death, the man, who I thought would be my future husband broke my heart. Everything I had ever known as normal had been flipped upside down. Little did I know that God had a purpose behind my pain. He started mending the broken and missing pieces within my heart. He told me that everything in my life is in His hands, and everything will happen in His time. I now know I am worthy of a husband, and my sister’s death is my story. He did allow things to be taken away, but He also has given me so much. Throughout ABUNDANT, you will find parts of stories of the people God has given me since then. These people have been apart of my healing process and have reminded me to live life with a perspective of abundance. In each person, God crafted a special story and message of His to be told. These people truly make me feel ABUNDANT. A piece of my heart is written in each word. I hope that you gain as much from reading these stories as I did writing them.

Magazine cover