As I have gone about life, everything has been a lesson learned and many things gained from it. I have learned who I am and what I am good at, along with what I am not so good at. As an innovative individual who thrives through self-expression, I aspire to work in a field that utilizes my strengths to the fullest degree. Throughout my academic and creative careers, I have gained experience in many areas applicable not only to public relations but almost any communications opportunity. At Auburn University, I have furthered my education and developed my intellectual being. I consider my resume to be more than just what one can write down on paper, but what I have done and created to mold me into the person I am today. Auburn has not only taught me in the classroom but also outside. I have had to learn from decisions made, both good and bad. Having the chance to enjoy the good decisions while bettering myself through solving the bad has been life-changing. Life is full of both making this journey much crazier but much more exciting as well. My resume includes experience as a writer, creative design, event planner, content creator, speaker, and much more. Take a look at my online resume or download a PDF copy.

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Samford Hall

Auburn University


College of Liberal Arts: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

College of Business: Minor in Marketing

Connor typing at the computer

Public Relations and Entrepreneurship

Experience and Skills

Life has brought me many great opportunities, and in those, I have gotten to further my skills. Those skills include event planning, marketing skills, communication skills, Microsoft Office skills, personal skills, and social media skills. My experiences in writing, working with the Boys and Girls Club, creating, and networking have brought me joy.


My Activities.


I have been involved in a variety of activities that include leadership, event planning, community service, and much more.